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Dated: 03/08/2017

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Smart appliances are at the top of the list for 2017 kitchen remodels. Adding a few of these amazing appliances and gadgets to your kitchen will increase the value of your home as well as make it more attractive to a younger, more tech-savvy market full of buyers.

Not selling? Smart appliances will increase your comfort whether you’re just hanging out with family at the breakfast table, or entertaining a crowd!

While smartphones and smart TVs have been around for ages, more recent developments in automated appliances are proving to be exciting, efficient, and infinitely useful! Refrigerators, ranges, sink faucets, convection ovens…these are just a few of what’s available and on the market right now. Just what these appliances are capable of depends on the particular model you’re looking at, but these smart appliances do have a rather large price range so you can find something within your budget.

Here’s a look at five of the most popular smart appliances available today.

1. Central Control

Our list of 38 ideas for starting your smart home using Samsung SmartThings is great for getting started or taking your home to the next level.:

First, you’ll need a hub designed to control many smart appliances (and devices) in one central location. Enter, SmartThings! SmartThings is a simple plastic cube equipped with wi-fi, Bluetooth, and tons of sensors designed to control smart appliances through its SmartThings mobile app. You’ll be able to set your own preferences, and monitor your smart appliances and devices both through motion sensors and cameras, if you choose. The SmartThings hub also works with third-party appliances from bigger-name companies such as Honeywell, Netgear, and Philips.

2. Fridge of the Future

Family Hub Refrigerator by Samsung - Touch Screen:

Your refrigerator is already one of the most important components of your kitchen – why not make it smarter? A smart refrigerator such as the Samsung Family Hub might be just what you need. A bit pricey at around $3000-$5000, but you’ll get a multitude of features, including:

  • Enormous 21.5-inch, 1080p touchscreen, on which you can display family pics and messages – just like an old-fashioned fridge front!

  • Coordinate your entire family’s schedules by integrating them into the calendar displayed on the touchscreen.

  • An image of what is inside your fridge every time you close the door. You can check these images via your smartphone from anywhere, and always know what you need to pick up on your way home, or use the new Family Hub grocery service app called “Groceries by MasterCard”.

  • Stream music while cooking or entertaining by synchronizing the fridge with Bluetooth speakers.

  • Look up recipes using any of the many integrated recipe apps, or search online using the Family Hub’s own internet browser!

  • A versatile door that can switch between being a refrigerator or a freezer, depending on what you need.

  • An evaporator cooling system to help keep more food fresher, longer.

3. LED Stoves

Samsung Virtual Flame 2.jpg:

Samsung does it again with its induction top range. The virtual flame is simply an array of blue LED lights that create heat by reflecting off the bases of your pots and pans. The hotter it becomes, the bigger and brighter the lights appear, allowing you to visually see how much heat is on. The oven portion of the range has such options as dual doors, and Flex Duo technology, which allows the oven to be split into two compartments, each targeting a different temperature. Of course, all of these features and more are controllable by smartphone app.

4. Smarter Hand Washing

the smart faucet....and it comes in really cool colors :):

If you feel an upgrade to your kitchen faucet is in the cards, try a smart faucet. A smart faucet will allow you to turn it on or off by way of a sensor, or a light touch with a finger or wrist, depending on which model you choose. This not only saves wear and tear on the faucet itself, but is also a more sanitary way to wash. You can also choose a preferred water temperature, and program the faucet to achieve that temperature automatically when it’s turned on.

A side benefit of a smart faucet is their water-saving capability. Instead of turning on the water and letting it run before and after you wash your hands, or fill your pot, the water automatically turns on and off, saving seconds of water flow.

5. Amazon’s Alexa’s Taking Over

Compare Alexa Devices: Amazon Echo Vs. Dot & Tap - LalyMom:

Last but not least, you can’t mention automation or smart-anything without mentioning Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa’s list of compatible smart appliances is growing at an amazing rate, and it’s only a matter of time before you can run your entire home with Alexa – whether it’s preheating the oven, dimming the lights, raising the temperature, or locking your doors.

True automation in your kitchen isn’t far off, and if you have the cash to invest, it can be a great way to increase the value and desirability of your home. With the constant invention of smart appliances what homeowner wouldn’t be excited?

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